Gemstones have miraculous powers to change direction of our life. They are natural and colourful healing stones which when connected to our body work on the chakras of their cosmic color and cleanse us. People witness significant changes in life. Hence The Healing Bay is determined to bring the right stones to you for healing with the correct guidance of how to wear those as per the new research. THB founder, Pranni Aggarwal has researched and studied about rudrakshas, gems and connection of sound waves with brain and have made a unique methodology to help clients. Now Learn to Connect with your Gemstone

The Gemstones we source belong to best mines in world. Our primary focus is to get natural , non-treated and non-heated stones for you. The stones are given to boost your luck and it is only after our intuitive astrology session and thorough case analysis. The precious stones only are recommended to wear on body.

Please wear gemstone only after expert advise and proper cleansing and energisation from experts.

We provide special customised healing audios with the bead or gem meant for you so that you have maximum benefits and that will change whole programming of your brain. These audios are made on special devices in our studio and based on your need. We believe in "Everything is possible" and You can actually achieve whatever you wish for once You follow the guidance.