In Hinduism, puja is essentially a ritual suggestive of symbolic offering of ourselves, our thoughts, desires, actions and things we own to God, as a mark of devotion and surrender, enjoying whatever that comes to us as a gift from Him. In Hinduism puja is the most popular form of divine worship. It is performed either by individuals or by groups and either directly by a worshipper or indirectly by a priest on behalf of the worshipper.

During the puja ceremony life breath is installed in the deity and He is brought to life or into His dynamic aspect. It also means that the purusha in the worshipper also wakes up after the ceremony as he receives a new life and new consciousness (with the partaking of prasad) from the deity. So E-pujas in today’s time are most convenient and safest options as those are done in the guidance of trained Priests (pandits) with attention to details.

We conduct E-Pujas for our clients in our sacred temple where our senior Brahmin performs the Puja in his guidance with panel of other priests. We share video clips and images in same hour of puja on whatsapp and mail and also send dvd when asked. The Puja Prasad kit reaches you with special instruction after the puja. Many clients have experienced immediate results after the puja is completed.